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Museo Regional de Historia, El Alhóndiga de Granaditas

Address: Mendizábal 6, Colonia Centro
Schedule: Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00,
Sundays, 10:00 - 15:00
Admission: 46 pesos; Camera 30 pesos
Telephone: +52 473 732-1112

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The Alhóndiga Museum consists of two and one-half stories and 17 exhibition rooms.

Museum Exterior

Museum Exterior TTT

Museum Murals and Patio

Murals and Patio TTT

Second Floor Exhibitions

The route for exhibitions begins on the second floor.

Sellos Prehispánicos (prehispanic clay stamps) TTT
Arte de Mesoamérica (meso-american art) TTT
Chupícuaro (artefacts of the Chupícuaro people) TTT
Historia de la Colonia (history of the colonial period) TTT
Historia de la Independencia (history of the independence period) TTT
Historia de la Guerrilla (history of the guerilla period) TTT
Historia de la República (history of the republic period) TTT
Historia de la Reforma (history of the reform period) TTT
Historia de Florencio Antillón (history of the period of President Florencio Antillón) TTT
Historia del Porfiriato (history of the period of President Porfirio Díaz) TTT
Sala del pintor Hermenegildo Bustos (gallery of portrait artist Hermenegildo Bustos) TTT

First Floor Exhibitions

Etnografía (handcrafts of the Guanajuato region) TTT
Recinto de los Héroes (memorial to the heroes of the Mexican independence) TTT

Ground Floor (Exterior) Exhibitions

Sala Fototeca (temporary photographic exhibitions) TTT

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